When the first spanish explorers came to America 500 years aeo, the horses they brought with them were the only horses in North America. The Spanish Mustang is one of America`s rarest breeds, tracing it`s lineage back to those historic horses. For the Spanish explorers these horses were hardy, small, rugged and dependable. Imported from some of the best stock of the Iberian Peninsula, these versatile horses took several different paths. From this stock, Spanish cattlemen created the first cow ponies, the Indians of the plains developed swift and fearless buffalo runners, the Nez Perce bred the famous Appaloosa colored mustangs of the Northwest and the Creeks. The Choctaws and white settlers of the south east raised smooth riding gaited horses.

The harsh environment produced iron hoofed easy keeping horses with few health problems. In 1927 a young man recognized that although the west was filled with wild horses, there were only a few true Spanish mustangs. he began to collect them and with the help of a few supporters started the Spanish Mustang Registry.There are very few of these rare and wonderful horses around still today. These horses are the perfect family horse,small enough for a child yet large enough for adults. They seem to be a very well kept secret. While their endurance and athleticism is legendary, it is the loyal and affectionate nature of the Spanish Mustang that makes them fit so well into so many families.They are one of the most economical horses to be found. Strong hooves that rarely require shoes, easy keepers who live quite well on grass and hay.

These horses thrive when given the oportunity to live naturally. Their natures works well with natural horsemanship training styles. As rare as they are, they are still priced reasonably. We are very pleased to have these horses here on our farm. We have started a breeding program and all of our Spanish Mustangs will also be registered with the American heritage Horse Association. We are very proud to have these horses! We will have a select few for sale,stay tuned for updates!